Mystery Castle - Episode 3

Mystery Castle HD - Episode 3

The Enchanted Tower

Join Monty the wizard on his third adventure as he ascends a tall tower, overrun with vines, to uncover the devious Monster Baron and lift the evil enchantment engulfing the tower.

Monty will be able to transform into several creatures and use their different abilities to complete his quest. Change into a mighty troll and use his enormous strength to forge a path to the exit, fly across the room as a bat, or transform into a toad to crawl through small holes.

Monty will also have to be on his toes to avoid Eye Spies that can turn him to stone and side-step both Fire and Ice Golems, as he makes his way to the top of the tower.

Can you unravel the puzzles and get to the bottom of the Monster Baron's wicked plan and stop it?

Mystery Castle: The Enchanted Tower is suitable for players of all ages with sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles and adventure.

- Designed both for new players and those that have played through other episodes.
- 36 stages of amazement and adventure.
- Unique to this episode: transform into a troll, bat or toad.
- Hint system to help players progress further.
- Humorous dialogue
- 4 bonus stages from Episode 1 - The Fortress Underground
- 4 bonus stages from Episode 2 - The Frozen Citadel
- 4 bonus stages from Episode 4 - The Mystical Pagoda

Available for all ANDROID devices!

The game is live on Google Play here.

The game is live on Amazon here.


Mystery Castle Episode 3 


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That's fiiine!
Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 is the #2 Android game for January 2014!
Mystery Castle 2 Android wins Bronze Award!
Absolute Twin Blades wins Bronze Award!
Mystery Castle Android wins Bronze Award!


PicoPix scores big on PocketGamer - 8/10
PicoPix wins Gold Award - 85%
Mystery Castle 2 scores 8/10
Mastermind wins Gold Award - 87%
Mastermind scores 9/10

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