Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion

Mystery Castle: Winter's Night is the sequel to the top-rated customer favourite Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion.

An ice palace has appeared in the middle of the night and Monty the Wizard returns in this new quest to defeat the mysterious demon frightening the people and penguins of a small village. Monty is back and he's going to save the Holidays!

Slide across the ice in this winter wonderland, collecting the magic crystals used as the evil ice demon's source of power. Find boxes to build bridges across the deadly abyss, and clear your path ahead with giant bombs. Teleport to different areas using the magical staircases and collect the 'Eye of Truth' to reveal hidden areas as you explore the frozen ice palace. Just be careful you don't fall through the cracked and crumbling floor!

Mystery Castle: Winter's Night is suited for people that like brainteasers, puzzles and adventure.

Can you solve all the mysteries of the castle and rescue the villagers? Monty is counting on you!

* Contains 32 stages of puzzles, excitement and adventure.

* The player is gradually introduced to the various gameplay aspects

* All new hint system to help players progress further when needed.

Available for Kindle eReaders.

The game is live on and available here.



Mystery Castle: Dawn of Illusion 


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That's fiiine!
Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 is the #2 Android game for January 2014!
Mystery Castle 2 Android wins Bronze Award!
Absolute Twin Blades wins Bronze Award!
Mystery Castle Android wins Bronze Award!


PicoPix scores big on PocketGamer - 8/10
PicoPix wins Gold Award - 85%
Mystery Castle 2 scores 8/10
Mastermind wins Gold Award - 87%
Mastermind scores 9/10

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