Super Puzzle Kingdom

The Super Puzzle Kingdom is a wonderful and magical place filled with vibrant colour and inhabited by cute and quirky creatures. Unfortunately, the kingdom is ruled by an evil king who has enslaved the creatures to do his nasty bidding.

Progress through 60 varied levels set over four distinct worlds, before challenging the king to a duel in a fight to the finish. On each level you must avoid or defeat the monsters and find your way to the exit, by using your wits to build a path leading from the entrance.

Our hero is strong enough to lift up floor panels and can either drop them into a hole next to him, or throw them across the terrain until a hole is reached or the panel flips over and bounces back. You can knock the monsters over, but be careful to avoid the flying panels yourself!

Each panel can only be entered and exited in a limited number of directions, so you'll need to be smart to combine them into a path that leads to safety rather than danger. Super Puzzle Kingdom offers a unique combination of action and puzzles.

Revisualised and re-engineered for the J2ME platform by Runestone Games on behalf of NAMCO BANDAI Networks Europe Ltd., Super Puzzle Kingdom is available for over 400 mobile handsets.



Unique Selling Points

  • 60 levels of fun, that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Encounter over ten types of monster, with different behaviours.
  • Levels divided over four diverse worlds.
  • Full-screen cut-scenes and animations make the story come alive.
  • Boss fight with the evil king, show him who is boss!


Super Puzzle Kingdom 



Super Puzzle Kingdom 



Super Puzzle Kingdom 


Super Puzzle Kingdom 2007 NBGI



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