Fast Food Frenzy

Are you ready for a career in the frantic, frenzied, fast food industry?
Can you become the Fast Food King?

Fast Food Frenzy is an addictive and fast-paced game, requiring speedy reflexes as you serve food to all the hungry patrons in your diner.

Progress from one level to the next, earning money and promotions as you try to keep the starving crowd happy and fed. Miss too many orders before your shift ends, and you'll be fired in disgrace. But, if your brain and fingers can keep up with the action, you will rise up in the ranks to become Condiments Supervisor, Desserts Coordinator or Head Chef. One day you might even be crowned Fast Food King!

Several game modes will entertain and test your skills. Some are calm and some are frantic, but all will require both speed and accuracy. So, you think you're fast... but are you fast enough?



Unique Selling Points

  • Simple but addictive 'one thumb' game play.
  • Vibrant graphics and sound.
  • Encounter a variety of customers each with their own personality.
  • Earn amusing promotions based on your food-serving performance.
  • Game progress, high score and player ranking stored.


Fast Food Frenzy 



Fast Food Frenzy 



Fast Food Frenzy 


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