Launch fireworks into the sky and watch them explode into a myriad of different colours.

In this casual game, the user is able to shoot off fireworks or simply sit back and watch the computer handle the fireworks' extravaganza all on its own.

The symphony of fireworks is relaxing, fun and exciting and will appeal to everyone and anyone - A joy to behold!


Sound:Yes (where applicable)

Unique Selling Points

  • 5 atmospheric landscapes to use as backdrops for the fireworks show.
  • Auto-fire option allows the user to enjoy the fireworks hands-free.
  • 10 beautifully unique firework explosions for the player to enjoy
  • Save feature preserves the player's options.




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That's fiiine!
Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 is the #2 Android game for January 2014!
Mystery Castle 2 Android wins Bronze Award!
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PicoPix scores big on PocketGamer - 8/10
PicoPix wins Gold Award - 85%
Mystery Castle 2 scores 8/10
Mastermind wins Gold Award - 87%
Mastermind scores 9/10

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