ibop is the 3D interactive baby that lives, eats and sleeps on your phone.
Treat your ibop well, by keeping him fed, entertained and clean and he will be joyful and happy. Treat him badly and your ibop may become cranky, ill or even leave.

Dance with your ibop in a mini-game that will help enhance his feel-good-factor!


ibop can be happy or sad, which is shown in the gauge at the right of the main screen. When ibop is happy, you will score points, and these are shown at the top of screen. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible. If you neglect ibop and he is unhappy for a long time, then he will leave you. If this happens you will receive a warning, but you can adopt a new ibop.

ibop is kept happy if he is regularly fed and made content by either giving him his dummy, or playing the dancing game. You will also need to keep him clean, regularly change his nappy and discipline him if he becomes naughty. Take note that each action will affect ibop in several ways. For example, after he has been fed, a little later he will need his nappy changed. If you neglect to feed ibop when he is hungry then he will become upset, and then ill.



Unique Selling Points

  • 3-D baby / animations
  • Dancing Game
  • Six exciting board styles:- classic wooden, retro plastic, neon, crazy collection, fun fruits and the animal zoo!
  • Online hi-score table: Submit your hi score online and see how your IBOP ranks against the rest in the world.




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